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"It has always been said that enchantment is bought in the burying alive of great waters, yet the purchase may be a perilous one"

Peter Ackroyd, 'London'

here be pirates
  • Explore the lost rivers of London

    Meet at Blackfriars Bridge, 2 p.m. (On the Victoria Embankment side).

  • Escape to Treasure Island

    Meet at the treeHouse gallery, 5 - 8 p.m. (Eye patches provided for early birds).

  • On 9th August, join The Beekeepers and assorted seadogs as we mount expeditions along the dark arteries of London's past, recovering tarnished treasures buried beneath the City's streets. Wearing an eye patch and going 'yarrr' makes you feel like a pirate, but real pirates also have adventures.

    We're all headed for Treasure Island: the treeHouse gallery, a pirate village that's sprung up, as if by magic, on the banks of the Regent's Park boating lake. We've moored two mighty vessels there: the Queen Bee with its precious cargo full of books containing
    the world's knowledge; and the Sea Hawk, with a viewing platform from which you can see London anew. Who's with us, ye landlubbers?

    More details are here. You can find out more about the treeHouse gallery here.

    Map of the treeHouse gallery in Regent's Park

    "But now, you look here: you're young, you are, but you're as smart as paint. I see that when I set my eyes on you, and I'll talk to you like a man"

    Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'


    Adventures are great
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