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Do More Things In London

I've got a plan on paper for a daring little caper...

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This is a community for people who want to Do More Things In London.

if you've just joined us, please introduce yourself here!

We have a fabulous city here, and so rarely do we explore it.

Post here with ideas for adventures, walks, trips, just any ideas for fun (and even better, FREE!) things to do in and around the capital. Want to visit somewhere? Have an adventure planned? Want to find people to come with you?

Come and join us, and lets DO MORE!!

Of course, there's no reason we have to stay inside the M25. If you have an idea for a big adventure outside of London, feel free to share it!

This community is about having an idea for some fun, finding some people to do it with, and bloody well getting off your arse, out there, and doing it!

Community Rules

Please read these posts for more information in addition to the basic rules below


The idea is that you have something you want to do, and you want other people to do it with. So you post with the idea, giving an estimate of dates, cost, etc, and off you go and do it!

If you post a suggestion, be prepared to organise it. And if you reply and are interested, be prepared to ACTUALLY go, and suggest dates you are free!

If someone posts something you want to organise, make sure you ok it with the original poster.

Please do NOT make posts saying 'hi, what can I do in London?'. You should be posting with SPECIFIC information, not asking people to do your research for you.

Example of a post which will be deleted:

I'm in london next week, can anyone suggest something for me to do?

Example of a better post:

I'm in London next week and really want to go on the london eye and visit the tower of london, probably on wednesday. It says on the website i've found that it will cost X. Would anyone like to do this with me?

In short - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and THEN ask people to come with you. Do NOT expect people to do your research for you.

Please try to avoid just posting listings and adverts for gigs, I'll let them slide if they look useful, unusual or interesting, but this isn't a listings or an advert community, the idea is to be much more than that.

NO ADVERTS AND NO PETITIONS. Adverts and petitions will be deleted.


Please tag any posts with the activity you are suggesting, to make it easier to find things! e.g. if you are suggesting a bike ride, please put 'cycling', or if it's ice skating, put 'ice skating'. You get the idea!

The list of tags currently in use is over here

not sure how to use tags? The LJ FAQ is your friend

Photos, Flyers, pictures etc

Thumbnails are fine, but anything bigger under a cut please, and clearly labelled NSF if it isn't safe for work.

not sure how do do a cut tag? The LJ FAQ is your friend.

Be Nice

I won't tolerate sniping, bullying or any nastiness on this journal. I will ban you if you are mean and horrid. I only look nice.

Be Careful

I thoroughly enjoy dangerous things, they make me feel alive. And while i love them, and may suggest and encourage them, i should point out that you take part in things here at your own will and risk, and you shouldn't hold me, the moderators or any members of the community should you seriously injure yourself or die during an adventure planned here...

And If you arrange to Do Things with someone you don't know, please use a bit of common sense when it comes to meeting them!


Useful links. Please suggest any useful ones if you know any!



This community is the baby of emmelinemay who moderates along with mnowster and arachne. We WILL delete posts that don't follow these basic rules. And we reserve the right to make new ones up as we go along.