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plug for Saturday


Just a quick message to remind you that THIS SATURDAY, 27TH JUNE sees the return of the indomitable EARGASM to the mighty venue that is the RAILWAY, Hackney Central.

We've already been polishing our 45s in readiness, have changed the bulb in the police light, and hope to see you from 8pm onwards. Don't forget that the Railway is now licensed til 3AM(!) so this should be a good one.

As always, we'll be indulging your household goods related urges with the amazing prizes in our soon-to-be-legendary Crap Tombola (star prize is once again a ladle) and have another fantastic guest DJ in the person of Lauren Ding of the frankly amazing ETHICAL DEBATING SOCIETY - one of North London's hottest Riot Grrrrrrl punky-screamy combos ever.

Go on, save the cost of a taxi back from Shoreditch whilst still managing to avoid having to watch four hours of crap sitcoms. Let's drink lots of cider - have lots of fun. You know you want to. See you at Eargasm!

Reuben, Andy and Meli


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