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G R A V I T Y # 2 - Fri 6th February

This is your heads up for the second instalment of Gravity...

For those of you who missed the last one, this is one club you won't want to miss... It's gonna be even bigger & brighter & better than the first offering.

We're proud to announce that we have Slimelight's DJs GASSMANN [uwe] and UNTERMENSCH [mark] on board for the night as well as the Gravity DJs DAF, CHEMICAL 6 and PSYNAPTIC MISFIT...

...And live performances from System:FX & Mortalitech

It's happening on Feb 6th, at The Resistance Gallery.

Be there

Facebook event page

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Hi y'all.

Although I bought this ticket as a birthday treat, I've now decided (sob!) that in view of recent travel, illnesses, kitty upheavals etc etc, going down to London next weekend not the greatest idea.

I paid £15 - happy to let it go for £10 to interested party, tho might need reimbursement for next-day postage. Feel free to pass this on.
Stuck for something to do this Thursday? Like theatre, vintage radio and/or gothic novels?

Fitzrovia Radio Hour Presents: Frankenstein, The Maltese Falcon and
The Four Minute Mystery

Fitzrovia Radio Hour present in their inimitable style, live
performances of 1940's radio shows. Their highly acclaimed productions
take us back to a simpler form of real entertainment. Performed in
1940's clothes, using 1940's microphones and they even make their own
sound effects out of anything that comes to hand. The performances are
a unique part of London's underground entertainment.

This month, Fitzrovia Productions present the horror story of
"Frankenstein" and an adaptation of Dashiel Hammett's "The Maltese
Falcon" and another of their ever popular 4 minute Mysteries.

Time Out Critic Choice

Remote Goat - "Apart from being well written and very well performed,
watching the actors flawless choreography to get in place to create the
sound effects is amazing."

Glitterditch - " Glitterbitch was charmed by last night. Radio hour is
a great idea."

Skiddle -" Hugely entertaining"

Last Days of Decadence, 145 Shoreditch High St.
7pm doors for 8pm start

Anyone up for this?


I am playing in my first ever bout in December, and would love you to come and support me and my team!

The Steam Rollers make their London Rollergirls debut, taking on the mighty Suffra Jets, who've already won their first game.

Can the united tactical minds of Fox Sake, Bette Noir and Slice Andice, with the aid of star jammer Sky Rockit snatch victory from the sheer power and speed of Travel Team stars N-Emma-Sis, Kitty DeCapitate and Correctional Felicity?

Come to the Christmas Quarrel to find out!

Tickets are available NOW from our website and from Stargreen.

Tottenham Green Lesiure Centre, near Seven Sisters Staion, buses direct to all the main stations.

Doors at 5pm, bout begins at 6pm. Includes afterparty where you can buy drinks to commiserate/celebrate with me!

You can bring your own booze to the bout, and there will be CAKES.


a gentle reminder to you all...

GRAVITY is almost upon us.

Club opens at 9pm,
Bands onstage from 9:30pm,
DJs playing a wide variety of music from 11:00pm until late [venue is willing to stay open 'til it's light]
The Resistance Gallery offers reasonably priced drinks & a sheltered smoking area.

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now with added facebook event thingy

hope to see you there


things are afoot in the london clubland...

GRAVITY is almost upon us.

Club opens at 9pm,
Bands onstage from 9:30pm,
DJs playing a wide variety of music from 11:00pm until late [venue is willing to stay open 'til it's light]
The Resistance Gallery offers reasonably priced drinks & a sheltered smoking area.

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hope to see you there

Come drink with the rollergirls!

To show how much we love our support crew - our refs, our timekeepers, our score keepers, our announcers, every single person who supports LRG and rarely gets the glory because they aren't actually rollergirls - we are throwing them a party!

Join us tomorrow night in the basement of the Jam Bar, 123 Shoreditch High Street for drinks, dancing and cakes!

This is a great time to come and meet us if you're thinking of becoming a roller girl, a roller boy, or if you want to come and be one of our wonderful (and highly appreciated!) support crew.

Hope to see you there!


p.s. It's free to get in!

Things I Wish I Could Do

x-posted from my journal

My friend cyka:

Is doing something amazing.

If you don't already know Cyka and/or don't know about her fantastic project, please have a read and consider making a contribution.


Note to mods - I know this isn't strictly a domorethings thing, but it seemed appropriate...

Get a massage next weekend


You may remember that a friend of mine, a qualified and very good massage therapist, comes to my place in Clapham Junction regularly and offers one-hour massages (with oils for 45 quid, and without for 40 quid). These are fabulous, and worth every penny. We have vacancies for next weekend (16th and 17th August), when the next of these weekends will take place.

Further details are available on my LJ. If you are interested, please comment on the post there, with your email address so I can send you directions.




Newsflash:: Half Marathon

Apologies for Cross-posting...
Hey guys, I know lots of you are mad run long distances for... various reasons. I've got some charity places in this upcoming event. See details below! It'd be awesome if you'd like to get involved. Cheers, Alex

The Royal Parks Half Marathon – Sunday 12th October 2008

Are you ready to take up the challenge of running the Royal Parks Half Marathon whilst fundraising for a great cause?

Public places have now sold out for this exciting new event but there’s good news: places are still available if you run whilst supporting our charity, Get Connected, which would combine getting fit for the challenge with the great incentive of raising funds for a cause that is close to your heart.

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Royal Parks Half Marathon Website
Get Connected Helpline Website


Adventures are great
Do More Things In London


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